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Welcome to Connecticut's most reliable, most trusted, and most experienced limousine company. Are you looking for a limo? Great! has been a Company dealing with limousine rentals for a few years, making it one of the leaders in this market in Connecticut.

Providing you with the newest and most beautiful limos for weddings is the main branch of our services, but if you need a limo for your Junior/Senior Prom Night, Birthday Party,
Sweet 15/16 party, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Night Out, or even City-to-city or airport transfer, business meetings, or any other – be sure that you will find the perfect car/limo in Company’s fleet.

Connecticut Wedding  Limo Service

For Any Party

Connecticut Wedding  Limo Service

Limousine Selection

Limousines like:
Hummer H2 Transformer, Cadillac Escalade, Dodge Durango, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Stretch, or Range Rover can be admired in one of the most extensive showrooms of Connecticut Company.

LCD flat TV screens, changing-color lasers, iPod connections, CD / DVD players, Strobe and Lava lights, neon lighting throughout the limousine, and much more are simply waiting for you to come and taste the luxury that these gorgeous limousines have to give.

An important thing a couple does before even booking a limo is to make up their mind on y what limo they would like to have on their Wedding day. Company is proud to have the largest fleet of limousines and sedan cars from different car brands, colors, and models. You will always have the option of choosing.

What to Expect from your limousine rental?

When you rent a limousine service with us, you will find that we not only have an excellent selection of vehicles but that the vehicles are impeccably cared for. You will never get into a limo that is dirty or smells.
The vehicles are meticulously cleaned before every service.

You will also find that our customer service makes all the difference. We go out of our way to give our customers what they are looking for with the limousine rental. We are happy to oblige whether you are looking for drinks on board or your favorite tunes.

Wedding DAY

As mentioned earlier, “Weddings” is the top category in the “our services” compartment.

This special event deserves excellent attention, and Company knows and understands that. Only in our company will you find the friendliest team of operators, dispatchers, and chauffeurs who really care and do their job correctly and manage this way to make your task easier.

That happens because we offer the opportunity to choose from several wedding packages. By opting for a wedding package, you make your “to do” list shorter because in this way, not only do you receive a gorgeous limousine for your important day but also a professional tuxedo-wearing chauffeur with superb manners, decorations for the car, water/soda and refreshments –
so you could calm your nerves while getting to the church or reception place, and last but not least, GPS data tracking devices along with other amenities and an experienced dispatcher team that keeps you on the right path and always on time no matter what. You can feel relieved on your Wedding day.

There is no need to explain or even mention the comfort every limo brings to those who ride it. 
Beautiful amenities such as a leather-covered seating area with high class, Liquid Crystal Display screens, CD and DVD players, glasses, refreshments, and water are added to each ride for free, with no extra fees. 
Also, an illuminated bar, mirrored ceiling, Fiber-optic lights, Neon lamps, and a great stereo system create the feeling that you are dreaming.

Connecticut Wedding  Limo Service

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